Get to Know Me // Writer’s Edition


My pic from my early Instagram days – le sigh…

I think Clarissa and I will slowly become besties and we will rule the world together!

I need to find some cool gifs for my posts. I used to make those actually. What? You didn’t know I made graphics? What?! Yes, this is a writer’s edition, but you’ll have to read my answers to get to know me and why this works for me 🙂

I stole this from Clarissa Reads it All and nobody tagged me so ha! If you read it, like the last post, consider yourself tagged! It’s fun! Go for it!

**I stole Clarissa’s dividers. Sorry! 

Vital Stats and Appearance. 

Name:   Amanda Kay. Kay is my middle name – no I’m not giving a last name.

Nickname:   Don’t really have one – I’ve been called Manda a few times because when I was growing up, every other girl was named Amanda.

Birthday:   September 28.

Hair color/Length:   Dark Brown with silvery strands. Yes, they are silver, not gray.

Piercings/Tattoos:   I have three holes in both ears. I love earrings!

Righty/Lefty:   Righty

Ethnicity:   Pasty and pale. Nothing special.


First Novel Written:  I’ve written two stories actually. One was taking a comedic twist on divorce (because I went through a divorce at the time) and the other was a retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

First Novel Completed:   Yeah, neither one are finished.

Award for Writing:   I did win an award for a one act play I wrote in college.

First Publication: Technically, I had a poem published in a book and my one act play was also published.

Conferences:  None. What for?

Query/Pitch: Pitch? Like Pitch Perfect? Love the first movie, hate the others.



Novel (that you wrote):  I love them both equally.

Genre: I like mystery/thriller. I do enjoy the occasional fantasy and YA. Whatever sounds good to me I’ll read it.

Author:  I really don’t have a particular favorite author. I do enjoy Liane Moriarty books. I’ve read four of her books so far.

Writing Music:  I enjoy classical music and the occasional opera music. Sometimes I’ll listen to the entire soundtrack of Edward Scissorhands.

Writing Snack/Drink: I try not to eat when I’m reading a book. I tend to forget I have food and it gets cold or whatever. Even some snacks. I do love to drink my tear or a diet soda once in a while.

Movie: That’s such a difficult question. However, I will say I love Julie and Julia. I adore Julia Child, and food. I do love Beauty and the Beast, cartoon version, NOT the live action.

Writing Memory:  Honestly, when I wrote Fanfics and I got great compliments, especially on stories that I’ve worked so hard on and tried to make as accurate as possible. Fanfic writing is fun! I don’t care what anybody says. It’s GREAT practice.

Childhood Book: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I told you I love food.


Reading:  I’m reading several books right now. I’m almost finished with one and halfway through a couple of them.

Writing: This at the moment.

Listening To: I’m slowly becoming obsessed with iHeartRadio. So right now it’s playing random music.

Watching: Nothing right now. Although the BF and I are catching up on Criminal Minds.

Learning:  How to keep getting up early to do some yoga and meditation.


Want to be Published:   I do…but I don’t want the attention. Introvert/anxiety issues and being in the spotlight is a huge avoidance for me.

Traditional or Indie:  Maybe indie. I’m not sure.

Wildest Goal:  I can’t be a mermaid, so I’ll settle with actually finishing one of those stories.

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