Book Review: Game Keepers by Steve Dressing

Title: Game Keepers

Author: Steve Dressing

Published: May 14, 2018

Baseball is supposed to be fun for the young ones. Well, much like dance moms, there are baseball parents. The parents are ruining the fun for their children to where baseball is not fun at all.

One day, after trying to escape the parents fighting with coaches, George and other teammates come across a manhole. It leads them a whole other world where they can play their game and still have fun. There the keepers of the world and there are rules to follow.

Just have fun!

I’m not a baseball fan. In fact, I’m not a sports fan. I really liked how this world was constructed. At one point when Allie, George’s sister, finds the place she doesn’t see a field. She sees a piano and concert hall called Music Land; the world constructs on your wishes.

It’s very simple and to the point. This is a YA book for kids so it reads like one, but that didn’t make it less enjoyable.

The funny thing about it is that while these kids are in this world (nick named Down Home) their parents are sort of under an illusion that their kids are at home doing something else like chores.

Part of me wished there really was a place like this to escape for a while and just forget the world.

This is my first time reading Steve Dressings work. It was very cute and well put together. It shows how much he enjoys the sport and how kids just want to have fun with it.

4 stars. Even if you’re not a sports fan like me, the book was a good read and makes you wish that these Be Keepers had this world for you when you needed it.

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