Book Review: Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

Title: Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Dexter #1)
Author: Jeff Lindsay
Published: May 5, 2004


I am sorry that it took me so long to write this review. I finished it a few nights ago and life just kind of pulls me out of my bookworm world. Anyway, I wanted to do this from different points of view. One as someone who has never seen the show, and the other as someone who has seen the show. BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!

I made this post as a current read a while back, so if you haven’t read that post, here’s the summary of the book.

Dexter Morgan is a blood analyst for the Miami Metro Police by day, and closeted serial killer by night. The book is told from Dexter’s point of view. He talks about being two people, Dexter and his ‘Dark Passenger’. The ‘Dark Passenger’ is a need in Dexter to kill. He doesn’t feel any emotion as any other human does. He doesn’t kill just anybody for shits and giggles, he has a code. This code is set by his foster father, Harry, who teaches Dexter to use it for good instead of…well evil.

The first book is basically an introduction and circles around a plot to catch a serial killer who is kidnapping hookers and draining their blood. No, not vampire. He drains their blood and cuts them up into pieces and leaves them in plain sight – and his sights are apparently set on Dexter.

So you have Dexter, who tries (in my opinion a little too hard) to act normal around other people, including his sister, Deborah. Deborah is a beat cop who wants desperately to transfer to homicide.

My review on the story AS A BOOK:

The story as a whole was a pretty good start to a series. As I said, Dexter tries WAY too hard to fit in as someone who doesn’t feel much of anything. This also means flirting back with one of the detectives who has an unhealthy crush on him. Migdia LaGuerta is a female detective and while she takes her job seriously, she’s not exactly the best detective. Dexter describes her as one who knows how to play the political game more than being a detective.

Deborah relied WAY too much on Dexter to solve this murder case for someone who wants to be in homicide. She was almost too needy and too desperate to where it was hard to like her, even when she gets into trouble. I have the second book so I hope that her character better develops with the next story.

I do like Lindsay’s style of writing and how he has Dexter telling the story from his view and his ‘Dark Passenger’. Dexter does his research before going after a kill. This story he killed a priest who kills little boys and a man who kidnapped teenage girls for trafficking. Not that I condone killing, but at least it’s not someone completely random and not without some merit.

I’d say the start of the series is a 3.5/5 stars. Just so you can get into the introduction of Dexter and be just enough curious as to what is in store for him in the second book.

My review on the story from the show! So beware of possible spoilers for both book and TV show from this point!

I mostly started this because I’m binge watching the show and I’m on the final season. I had no idea it was a book series, so naturally, I jumped on it. I don’t like that the cover is replaced by the show cover, but that was what I could get so I sucked it up and got it.

The first book covers the first season. There are a lot of differences, however.

Migdia LaGuerta is MARIA LaGuerta in the show and she’s a Lieutenant not a detective. She’s also pretty damn hateful especially toward Deborah. She is in the show, but not as much in the book.

Dexter doesn’t try as hard in the show to be normal as he does in the book. He doesn’t flirt with anybody when they flirt with him (Thank God they didn’t do that story line with him and LaGuerta in the show). In the book, she comes onto him…by grabbing his crotch! Can we say sexual assault!

Deborah is less annoying and less needy in the show than she is in the book. Again, I hope that changes in the second book, which I will read and review.

Rita, Dexter’s girlfriend (and really she’s only there to make him seem normal) doesn’t make much of an appearance in the book as she does in the first season. So many story lines in the first season and I’m almost disappointed they aren’t in the book. The book is just 285 pages long, so I didn’t expect a lot.

See, something like this always gets my hopes up. I watch a show or movie and find out it was a book first and then I get the book and my expectations are set high. That’s one of the reasons I refuse to watch Ready Player One because I want to read the book first. Although, I do need to see Love, Simon, because Simon Vs. The HomoSapiens Agenda was a really good book.

The book was a good start. I’m definitely going to read the second book. The series is great if you’re not setting your hopes on it after watching the show. If you are interested, I would definitely read the book (or all books) first before watching the show. IF anything, Michael C. Hall is an amazing actor. And he narrates Stephen King’s Pet Semetary – I am definitely listening to it mostly to hear his voice.

Good starter to a book series, and the show is just as good. If you like to watch one guy kill the bad people while he helps the police hunt for them as well, definitely worth it.

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